Reapply Application

This page is available for any student who has previously been admitted to Upward Bound. If you are applying to Upward Bound for the first time, this is the wrong page. Please visit: Join UB.

We encourage any student interested in rejoining the Upward Bound Programs at Morehead State University (MSU UB) to utilize the application linked below. Every field in the application must be completed. Once you have submitted ALL required materials, UB staff will review your application and reinterview you for the program.

Students who wish to reapply for the school year must do so before November 1st of the academic year they wish to rejoin.

If you reapply and are readmitted you will have a 60 day probationary period. If you do not participate during this probationary period, you will be dropped from the program 60 days after you have been readmitted.

You must attend all UB activities during your probationary period. You will not be eligible for stipend until you complete a Summer Academy after readmission.

If you are a junior when readmitted, you will not be eligible to go on the Junior Trip at the end of the Summer Academy. If you are a senior this school year, you will not be eligible to Bridge this coming summer.

You can still benefit from being in MSU UB, and we encourage you to reapply. You will be able to participate in either of these programs after you have fully attended one Summer Academy.

Reapply for The Upward Bound Programs at Morehead State University